FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


- Who is Nearoth?

Nearoth is a sole proprietorship in Delft run by René Milius. It specializes in handmade jewelry made from metals like steel and silver with chainmail as the main theme. I've been working with chainmail since 2009.

- Where does the name come from?

The name Nearoth is made up for a character in a story I was writing a long time ago. Being an unusual name it stuck with me and have been using it for years now. Who knows, maybe I'll publish the book in the webshop some day.

- What is chainmail?

Chainmail, maille or mail is most know for the armor that was worn by soldiers and knights a long time ago. These shirt of ring mesh protected the wearer from sword cuts in battle. Modern chainmail shirts are still worn by shark divers and chainmail gloves are used by butchers.

The technique of weaving rings together can create many different patterns not just for armor but also elegant and cool jewelry for men and women.

- How is chainmail jewelry made?

It usually starts with a long piece of wire, it is not uncommon to use over 10 meters for a single necklace.
The wire is wound around a rod or mandrel to make a long spiral or coil.
The coil is slid off the mandel and cut or sawn along it's length to make rings.
These rings are then carefully woven together to form the different patterns.
For each pattern there is a certain wire to diameter ratio for the pattern to look and feel right.

- How do I clean my jewelry?

Most of the dirt on jewelry comes from wearing it on the skin and will be cleaned up with soap or detergent. Be sure to dry it off especially rust sensitive metals like steel and copper, you could use a blowdryer. You could even put them in a special container in the dishwasher. Or you could let me clean and polish them.

If you've got any questions feel free to contact me with the contact form or info@nearoth.com or during office hours on 06-48457385

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